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Programs & Workshops

The BeaYOUtiful Six-Week Confidence Program invites girls to join our self-love journey alongside inspirational mentors.

BeaYOUtiful Foundation is now offering a hybrid  of both ONLINE and IN-PERSON BeaYOUtiful Programs and Workshops for female and non-binary youth ages 8 to 14. Our goal is to continue to impact and inspire our youth with accessible means of communication.

Look out for our new Mental Wellness Program!

We are so excited to have launched our new Mental Wellness Four-Week Program for girls across Canada in Fall 2022! This program focuses on topics such as overcoming fear, working through change, and coping mechanisms for different emotions- all taught by inspirational mentors. 

As a Charity, we ensure every young girl can attend our programming. BeaYOUtiful programs are free or by donation so that they can attend despite financial situations. If you want to sponsor a program, please contact us at [email protected]. Our programs wouldn’t be possible without our amazing donors.

What Makes Us Different


We encourage our participants and mentors to keep updated on each others confidence journey and goals!

One on One

Each class, workshop and conference involves a mentorship experience, where participants are paired with empowering female leaders.


BeaYOUtiful programs help to build connections and strengthen new and old friendships.

Inspired by HER Conference 2024

A day of celebrating confidence and building impactful, positive relationships

Inspired by HER, presented by the BeaYOUtiful Foundation, is a city-wide conference rooted in self-love, purpose, and confidence building amongst young girls. Complied of three workshops, the conference addresses various topics throughout the day including body image, positive mental health, nutrition, and learning to redefine the standards of beauty.

Students take part in open floor discussions, variations of artistic expression (i.e. dance, painting), media literacy activities, and goal setting workshops, while learning in a public pedagogy that invites them to critically engage with new forms of social and cultural expression.

Inspired By HER 2024 is coming to Toronto on April 20, 2024 to celebrate a day of confidence and self-love! REGISTER TODAY FOR TORONTO! 

Upcoming Events in the Community

We throw confidence parties and have fun doing it!

Looking for an empowering day focused on self-love and friendship?

You have come to the right place! The BeaYOUtiful Foundation hosts single day workshops and weekly programs focused on building confidence and igniting dreams and goals. Want to bring a program or single day workshop to your school or community? Connect with us today.

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