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Read what our girls, volunteers, speakers, sponsors, and parents are saying about our programs and workshops

BeaYOUtiful Foundation,

I have two girls who attended the spring two six-week self-esteem courses and the free 2019 Inspired By HER Conference.

My daughter has severe social anxiety since she was little and I am always looking/searching for classes that will help her with her confidence. I was so happy to find BeaYOUtiful!!! The whole concept is so meaningful yet simple. It shows girls to believe in themselves and love how they are.

Both my girls loved this 6 weeks course and they wished it would be longer. They made friendship, they learned to love and accept themselves, they set goals and dreams and many other things.

I wish this would be offered in more local school across BC or Canada. This course empowers girls to be themselves, To love and accept themselves and To believe that they can make a change in this world. I am so thankful to Taylor and all the amazing people who made this all happen.

Parent of participant of BeaYOUtiful Program
Burnaby, BC

BeaYOUtiful Foundation,

BeaYOUtiful, It’s kinda crazy to think how much Kalina’s life has been impacted by the BeaYOUtiful Organization in the last year - it started with a Facebook post about a free seminar focused on empowering young girls that caught my eye and since then, so many incredible things have followed.

One thing in particular is the relationship Kalina has formed with the cofounder Taylor Hui. It takes incredible courage and fearlessness and belief in what you’re doing to build a program where girls can come to better themselves, to learn, grow, be vulnerable and share with one another is an amazing ways.

Taylor has taught Kalina to believe in herself, dream big and be kind. I don’t know why our paths have crossed but I am so incredibly thankful that they did. You’re a mentor, an entrepreneur, a game changer and most importantly an incredible person for Kalina to look up to.

Thank you Taylor for your tireless effort to provide programs for our girls. We adore you and thank you so very much.

Parent of participant of BeaYOUtiful Program
Surrey, BC

BeaYOUtiful Foundation,

The BeaYOUtiful Foundation: GRATITUDE—is a word that came to mind during a reflection activity at todays Inspired By HER Conference. What an incredible experience it was to attend with 26 other Squamish Girls! We danced, we laughed, we learned new skills and made some new friends. Our girls blew us away with their positivity, inclusion of all new girls they met, willingness to put themselves out thee and step outside some of their comfort zones! Special thanks to the awesome leaders who made this all happen and the BeaYOUtiful Foundation for putting this on. What a way to begin 2019! Bring on the best year ever!

Vanessa Doak
CEO/Founder - Healthy Hearts, Healthy Mind
Squamish, BC

Taylor and the BeaYOUtiful Mentors, I just wanted to say thank you for shaping me into the woman that I’m becoming. Without you I wouldn’t have learned to fully love myself for who I am and I’m so happy that I got to spend time with you and learn from someone so wise and so beautiful inside and out. I love you and thank you for everything.

Mentor, previous BeaYOUtiful Program participant

Taylor and the BeaYOUtiful Team,
Eva had an amazing time, she absolutely LOVED the event. She came home feeling so empowered and energized. Thank you so much for putting this event on and for being so inclusive and supportive. What you’re doing is making a difference so keep doing what you do. This workshop/event, whatever you call it was the perfect gateway to Eva introducing her new reality to the world. She’s not wanted to go out a lot since the diagnosis but you girls helped build her up today. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Parent of participant of Inspired By HER Conference

My name is Renae Regehr, I am the Founder of Free To Be Talks, a registered non-profit organization that promotes positive body image for students, primarily through our research- based curriculum, Free To Be. In addition to running the program in schools, I oversee our team of facilitators who run the program in schools, train facilitators across North America who license the program to the run the program in their communities, and provides talks and presentations to kids, parents, and educators. 

I was involved in the free Inspired by HER Conference for girls on January 6th across Metro- Vancouver as the lead workshop

Renae Regehr
Mentor, Founder - Free To Be Talks

speaker on social media and body image. Body image concerns are increasingly starting at younger ages and girls typically have concerns about their size, shape, and appearance. Thus, the Inspired by HER Conference was very powerful as it targeted girls at an age when body image concerns typically start to develop more substantially. The girls were able to become aware of pressures that negatively impact their body image, learn how to develop a positive body image with practical tools, experience their bodies as positive agents of power through dance and movement, and further build resiliency through the strong connections and mentorship that was formed that!

Renae Regehr
Free To Be Talks

This testimonial is on behalf of the voluntary services that I, Therés Amee, have graciously performed for the BC based, non profit organization – BeaYOUtiful. Beayoutiful is a non- profit platform that provides free programs and events for young girls, ranging from the ages of 6-14. The program focuses on advocating self confidence classes and conferences to develop young girls’ self esteem, purpose and unique empowerment. 

I first came on board Beayoutiful after meeting the non profit’s founder Taylor Hui. Taylor and I instantly connected on our mutual desire to empower young girls, and change the mindset of a young girl going through the pressures of unrealistic, societal expectations. I loved what she was doing, and was eager to guest speak during one of the six week programs. My platform, Body Image, was my focus. I have been in the modeling and acting

Theres Amee
Mentor, CEO – Prowess Productions Inc

industries for over a decade, and I only wish there was an organization dedicated to supporting me throughout the profound pressures I experienced. 

It has been my absolute honor to become a mentor for these girls and to volunteer my advice and hopeful guidance. BeaYOUtiful has my full support in growing, and reaching international audiences to grow this message. I gained my strength and broke free of the mold. I could not have done that without fellow, female supporters. 

I provide this testimonial for future supporters, that will come on board the Beayoutiful family. Help us change our girls mindset and increase their bold bravery, so that they can blaze positive change for tomorrow.

Theres Amee
Mentor, CEO – Prowess Productions Inc

To BeaYOUtiful Foundation, My daughter Siena attended the free self-esteem conference, Inspired by HER, and I was blown away by what an inspiring experience it was for my 10-year old. My daughter and her friends were nervous walking in. This was their first conference and over 150 young girls were entering the venue. The volunteers were welcoming, the energy in the room was electric and the girls quickly settled in. 

There were so many special moments. The dance and movement workshops and spontaneous flash mob at the end were highlights for Siena. I got teary when I happened to walk by the dance studio, peek in and see my little girl moving her body in such a powerful way – alongside a room full of young girls – and a huge smile on her face. Pure joy. The meditation at the end, letter written to self, the happy music, the keynote speaker at the

Parent of participants of Inspired By HER Conference & the BeaYOUtiful program
North Vancouver, BC

beginning. The conference bags with the inspirational quotes and the beautiful plant that has already started blooming (so fitting!). All such wonderful touches. 

The internal shifts for these girls – at age 10 – are subtle, yet monumental. At home, post-event, we keep talking about special moments and stories will spontaneously pop up. For Siena, who is quite private, this is huge. 

Our hearts are full and we are both so grateful for the day. Taylor Hui is a pure inspiration and the type of role model that the world needs now. Her organization will continue to guide and mentor young girls, at this very important stage in their lives, and my daughter can’t wait to attend the next Inspired by HER conference!


Parent of participants of Inspired By HER Conference & the BeaYOUtiful Program North Vancouver, BC

Thank you to BeaYOUtiful for the inspiring work you do to activate and empower the youth. I’m so grateful to be part of today’s (cloudy) Summer session practicing gratitude in our bodies through art and expression.

Mentor, CEO - Adri Creative

When you send your kids to a BeaYOUtiful workshop… they can’t stop smiling and dancing! Living their best lives!

Miyoung Tereposky
Parent of participants of Inspired By HER Conference & the BeaYOUtiful Program
Surrey, BC

I was in awe today. I came home and felt so much love and inspiration. Thank you again for having me be a part of this truly.

Ally Matos
Inspired By HER Conference Sponsor, CEO - Allyfotography

Thank you for organizing such an amazing event. I hope to be involved in future events and truly hope the soul sisters will stay in touch. What an experience for us all. Some bright lights shining for our future!!!

Joanna Brewster

Thank you for having me (at Inspired By HER)! What you’re doing and what you have created is so powerful and magical I’m so proud and grateful to have the opportunity to be a part of it and witness change for the positive. Always down, always around to help whenever, wherever.

Christina Schell
Mentor, Dancer, and Podcast Host